Review Policy


I’m very sorry to all authors who wish for me to review their work – I’m incredibly bogged down with requests at the moment (I have 50 unread requests as of today, and a huge reading list to get through).

If I keep accepting requests, I’ll never catch up, and that’s simply not fair to the authors I’ve already accepted!

NOTE! ANY REQUESTS SENT WHILE I’M CLOSED WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DELETED. I won’t read the request, I’ll just press delete. If you can’t follow rules, I’m just not interested. Simply wait until I reopen.

I am an IndieView Reviewer!

I will review anything I read, including indie novels.

I’m the kind of reader who just wants to escape. I want to laugh, cry, or yell as I am whisked off into a place a whole lot different than reality.

I love rich, mesmerizing description, and writing that is vibrant and loaded with emotion.

Genres I will read:

Most fiction. As long as it has a compelling plot, I’m in. However, I tend to read mostly fantasy, sci-fi, and historical fiction. If your book is not one of those three, you will need to really sell me.

Genres I won’t read, no matter what:

Erotica, non-fiction, poetry, religious fiction, horror, or thriller. I have tried to give the last three a chance, but I’ve found that my interest is just not piqued by them.


I will always give your book a solid chance. If, however, it fails to snag me even a little bit by the first thirty pages, I will not review it. I will be sure to let you know why, and give you friendly advice if I think it necessary. I will always be honest, so if you are not prepared for that, please do not ask me to read your work. I am no professional editor, but as an author myself, who went through many creative writing courses during my Bachelor, I feel like I will have at least one or two constructive things to say.

Please do not rush me if I have asked you to send me your book. If I said I will read it, you can be sure I will read it. Life is chaotic.

I will post my reviews here, and on Goodreads.

How to request:


To request a review, please email

In the SUBJECT LINE, please write “Review Request.”

In the email, please give me the title of your book, the genre, the word count, the front cover, and a quick description of your work. This is where you sell me. Get me interested. If your description is lacking, I will likely not ask you to send me your book.

I only respond to requests I’ve accepted. If you don’t hear back, I’m sorry. I was not intrigued by your book. Which isn’t negative! This is all very subjective.

HINT: If your email is poorly written, it will be deleted. Show off your writing skills BEFORE I get your book. C’mon!

If you do not follow these instructions, I will not consider your work.  Most of the requests I have received recently did not follow the format I have asked for. As a result, they were simply deleted.

Please do not attach a copy of your book to the request.

If I am interested in reading your work, I will answer your email.

I accept:

Paperback, PDF, and ARCs.

I love physical copies the most, but I understand if that is not an option for you.