Well…here is my clumsy first blog.



Hello to whoever is reading this! Apologies ahead of time – this is my first true attempt at blogging, and so if it is a jumbled, confused mess…forgive me. Pretty please?

First things first, I shall introduce myself. My name is Abrianna, and I am the author of Akairya. I wrote it during my time as an undergrad at the University of the Fraser Valley. I’ve always loved to write and have always been set on being an author. I’ve finally done it! Now I just need to spread the word.

Akairya is my first step into the world of fantasy. It is the story that I’ve been hunting for on bookstore shelves. I wrote it not wanting to break the mold and be the ‘best writer ever’…I wrote it because I love telling a story and this story was finally one that I was able to stick to and complete. Well…sort of. The second half is still under construction.

So, yes. If you love dragons, elemental magic, half elves, spiritual discovery, rich description…I would think you would enjoy my novel. All I want is for people to enjoy reading Akairya as much as I enjoyed writing it.

And that’s a wrap for my first teeny tiny blog post. I’ll whip up another one soon, with more personal information and likely an opinion or two about something.




Taking the leap into the world of Smashwords and offering my book for free.

My fairly unknown first novel, AKAIRYA, has been selling quite well since I first self published back in April.

I attempted KDP Select, and though it brought me some readers, it simply wasn’t enough. So I started an account with Smashwords, and for a week starting today (August. 6th / 2017) the ebook version of Akairya: First Half of the Fractured Soul, is FREE.

If you’re interested in reading about dragons, a dying land, and a fairly stubborn half elf protagonist, please, download my novel. All I ask of you wonderful readers is to review, review, review!

*please note, Kindle versions are still priced at $2.99. 

That glorious moment where you reach the end of your story…

I don’t think anything can compare to the feeling of writing the end of a story that has absorbed your life for years. When I first wrote the last paragraph of the first installment of The Fractured Soul  (Akairya), I’ll never forget how fast my heart raced. My fingers shook, my breath faltered, and I had to stop and relax a few times before I managed to type the last few sentences. Of course, the arduous path of editing was still ahead, but the story, the emotion, had finally reached the end point. 

But man. Reaching the climax of the bigger plot, in the second book..I’m still not done the first draft although the finish line is so close. I’m almost in mourning. I go from inexplicable sadness to extreme excitement, and then my mind goes a little blank. 

The story of Akairya and the soul of her world has been an unending part of my life for roughly four years. Not that long, but long enough that I’m a tad paranoid. The ending has to be perfect. I want my readers to feel the adrenaline, the understanding of the world, the fulfillment.

Who would have thought my attempt of a dragon story would make me so darn emotional?

At least I know I have another novel in mind, so once Alkairyn is finally complete I will still have a story to dive into.

Writing is so wonderfully intoxicating.

Some photos to illustrate my incredibly educational journey of self publication.

Self publishing requires energy. A whooole lot of energy, and constant upkeep. I’m still learning the ropes, but let me tell you…it has been a crazy fun ride so far.

My first book signing at my local Coles bookstore went WONDERFULLY. I brought 18 copies with me, thinking I’d be lucky to sell them all, considering I am an unknown author without any traditional representation. My signing was slotted for 4 hours. Barely two hours in, my last copy was sold. Let’s just say I had a tear in my eye from the excitement and absolute astonishment that people were so intrigued by my novel, Akairya.

While there is still a lot of work to do, I’m loving every minute of it. Inspiration to keep writing is endless – my second novel will be complete in no time.

Here are some photos!

During my book signing 🙂


Some copies (book cover art was done by my wonderfully talented friend, Kayla Schulz)


My two pups, Mylo and Dante. They are good models.


Mylo has such a sweet face.


I should write blogs more often…anyway, about description.

Was my last post really a month ago? Holy jeeze, I need to work on that.

Well, I thought I’d ramble a little about description in writing. There is something so…alluring, so thoroughly addicting about describing something.

For my debut novel, Akairya, the world came first. Not the characters. Not the plot. The rough outline of the world itself was what came to mind when I decided to write a story that would have some sort of dragon influence.

One of the questions I get the most from people who have read my writing is, how do you describe something so well?

According to a multitude of my readers, I have a good “sense of description,” meaning I don’t go too dense (I try not to fall prey to the info dump trap that plenty of high fantasy authors tend trip over), and I leave out just enough so the reader can fill in the appropriate amount of blanks. I find this funny, because I sometimes feel like I describe too much.

Anyway, to answer the question, I’m simply going to give advice. It is integral to relax into the image. You are your character. Think of what they see and let the words flow. Don’t ever force description (or any writing, really). Simply write what falls into your mind as you soften into the scene. Allow the magic of painting with words take you over. Don’t stress too much about over doing it. You can always trim your descriptions during your editing.

Also, make sure the soul of the world you are writing about is as familiar to you as possible. Description falls flat when you don’t really understand the point of your world.

Think colour, texture, age, taste, touch, sounds. My weakness is noise – I tend to rely heavily on colour and forget that things do make noise >.>

I’ll probably ramble some more about description during another blog, but that’s all I have for today. I need to train my mind into writing consistent posts.